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“Is that the Valerie who puts us to sleep” is the question asked by Emma last night as I browsed your page on FB. Thanks Val for putting my girls to sleep in a postive mindframe. As my friend, thinking of you has always done the same for me.

Positively yours, Fred, father of Emma age 8  

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Magical Meditations for Kids

World-class athletes, visionary leaders, respected performers and artists – the world’s most successful people - rely on the power of visualization to self-motivate and achieve the goals and futures they desire. It’s easy and it’s fun.

This full-length CD teaches your child to play with the same visualization techniques.

Valerie Yersh narrates three fun-filled and engaging guided visualizations to help launch your child toward a shining and successful future. Included are:

1. Celebrating a Dream Come True
2. Discovering Your Unique Talents, Gifts and Strengths
3. Being Loved and Loving Yourself

These beautiful and moving journeys are powerful and inspiring. They will spark imagination and create brilliant future images that will form memories, and infuse your child’s mind with positive expectations of a fun and successful future.

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Build expectations of a successful and positive future
  • Increase probability of setting and accomplishing goals
  • Unleash your child’s inner magician

Great for children up to 10 years of age (and their parents, too!)— at bedtime, nap time, on road trips and as an uplifting soundtrack to playtime.

Also Included a BONUS Instrumental Track : Journey’s Dream by Steven Burgess

Steven Burgess recorded and produced the award-winning albums Rest:Instrumental Piano and Flute and Intimacy: Instrumental Piano, Flute and Guitar. To learn more, please visit www.aquadio.com


I wanted to let you know that I started doing your magical meditation CD and the funniest thing happened. Baby Alex (in vitro) started moving so much that I thought he was doing flips inside my uterus. It was so wonderful to give him some happy time. He sure took advantage of it. I just wanted to thank you. I look forward to listening to the rest of the meditations, and I would recommend your meditation CDs to any mother!
Thank you,

Christy Whitman
Best-Selling Author/Speaker
Certified Law of Attraction coach www.christywhitman.com

Christy Whitman Best-Selling Author/Speaker/Certified Law of Attraction coach www.christywhitman.com Best Seller of Perfect Pictures: An Inspirational Book for Those Who Like It Perfect The 7 Essential Universal Laws: www.7essentiallaws.com Founder of The Quantum Success Coaching Academy

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Valerie - I want to thank you so much for putting together Magical Meditations For Kids. We love it!

My young son, though extremely bright and loving, has been dealing with behaviour problems for a few years (mostly at school).

I've started playing Magical Meditations For Kids in his bedroom at night, as he drifts off to sleep. Not every night, as he spends only 2 or 3 a week with me, and I don't always think of it. But there's many evenings when he'll ask, "Will you put on Valerie for me?" (And of course I do.)

Certainly, it's too early for me to claim any long-term results, yet... but he always seems to have a better day, after listening to it. And when a child actually asks to listen to such a thing ... well, you just know it's getting through to them!

Thanks again, Valerie. Magical Meditations is great. And I recommend that any parent (or grandparent) simply grab a copy and see for themselves the difference it makes in their child's life.

Warmest regards,
Al Henderson
Quesnel, British Columbia

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Hi Valerie,
It was fun to watch the childens faces while listening to the CD. Some childlren inparticular were listening very closely and becoming fully engaged with your journey. One little boy was so cute to watch because his facial expressions would change as he listened and you colud clearly see his excitement. A few of the children who usually have a difficult time relaxing during the rest period were much calmer.

They listened to the CD and when they would become distracted they would hear something to bring them back to lilstening again. Your voice was very soft and soothing and the instrumental was very relaxing. I would love to use the CD in the future as a treat once in a while for the children. Here is what a few of the children said after listening to your CD during rest period;

"I loved most the shells." girl, 5 years old.
"When we found the key, I loved that." Boy 5 years old.
"My favorite part was the space part." Boy 6 years old. (afterwards all of the children began to agree with him)
Many of the children said they liked the music.

Elizabeth Campagna, Montessori Casa Teacher


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